Off Book?

Our next goal is to be “off book” by next week. That means we need to know our lines well enough to put down the scripts and really get into the blocking of the scene. It seems scary, but it really helps because we begin to associate certain actions and movements with the different lines.

We have a director now. His name is Cook Farmer, and he’s been in theater for about 60 years – in some form or fashion. He’s bringing out emotions that we didn’t know we had. Tonight during practice, he worked with Angi (M’Lynn) and Graci (Shelby) on a scene they do together, and each time they went over it, he guided them to the next level. It was actually quite fascinating to watch.

We need to find another stylist chair and hair washing sink. If you have one we could borrow, would you let me know? You can email me at

We’re going to try to get the rest of our banners up this weekend!

You can buy your tickets by scrolling down below the photo and clicking on the date you want to attend. Go ahead and buy your tickets – it’s going to be a great show!

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