Small community theatre groups survive from ticket sales and donations.  We are currently raising funds for the following:

Storage Facility – Last year we lost our storage facility, and since we had nowhere to go, we had to take EVERYTHING to the dump, so we don’t even have the simplest of set pieces, flats, furniture, etc.  We are trying to purchase a large storage shed to house all of our materials.

Microphones – When we perform at Anderson County High School, they graciously allow us to use their equipment.  However, we feel the need to own our own so that we don’t damage or increase the wear & tear on theirs.  Microphones run an average of $150 each.

The NEXT Show! – Even when a show has a simple set and few props, there are still expenses involved in the production of a play.  To name a few, we are always responsible for Performance Rights & Royalties, Venue Fees, Costumes, and Concessions.

We are a 501 (C) charity, so your donation is tax-deductible.  If you would prefer to donate by check, please make your check out to Anderson County Community Theatre and mail it to 1051 Dana Dr., Lawrenceburg, KY 40342.

Thank you!

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