We are so close to opening night, and this cast full of women is starting to get emotional, if you can believe it. You name it, we are feeling it.

Scared – What if we drop a line?

Happy – This is so much fun!

Sad – It’s going to be over too soon.

Pride – Look at how well we are doing!

Guilt – I should have practiced more.

Joy – This is what I do!

Sassy Southern Women (and a couple of men, too!)

The set is ready and our costumes are chosen. We know our lines (for the most part), and we have our blocking down. We only have a couple more practices to perfect everything.

Cook Farmer sitting in for M’Lynn. Graci, Madison (stage help) and Erin loving that’s he’s getting his own curlers!

We’ve spent the last few months together, and in just a few days, this production will be over. We don’t want to think about that, because we’ve gotten so used to being together almost every day.

We seem to be joined at the hip! Our trip to Pioneer Playhouse was great!

This is all worth it, because when we do a play, we open our hearts to new people, new ideas, and new experiences. These women are my sisters – there isn’t much that I wouldn’t do for them, and I know they have my back too. It’s a good feeling, knowing that I can send a text or make a call and one of my sisters will be there with me.

It’s love…it really is!

Cook made us cry tonight…in a good way! He’s proud of us. He sees our hearts. He feels the art from our stage. Even though we fought back and resisted trying things his way, we now understand that our egos were getting in the way of being better actresses.

Thank you, Cook!


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