Hard Work Pays Off!

Saturday at the Salon
Graci Boggs, Lori Gresham, Erin Mentzer & Angi Robinson

We’ve been working hard to bring this play to life. Our Director, Cook Farmer, is pushing us to bring more to the stage, and it’s working! We’ve seen incredible character growth over the past few weeks.

Cook Farmer
Joann Powell
Graci & Lori

The set is starting to come together. Rodney Handy is working his magic, building risers and platforms. He’s trying to use the materials from our last two plays to create a completely different set because the cost of wood is so crazy right now. I’m glad we found a pretty good deal on two-by-fours during the spring of 2019 while we were getting ready for Unnecessary Farce.

There’s a lot more to be done, but you’ll have to come to the play to see the final result!

We open in less than three weeks now, and we are feeling the pressure to be the best we can be; to give our audience a show they will never forget. We’re tired, bruised and have sore backs but we just keep going. After all, we are STARS and have to SHINE!

Desire’e Douglas

Get your tickets here!

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