Who KILLED Walter Pearce?

Everyone loves a murder mystery, right?  Trying to figure out who did it before everyone else is just part of the fun!  Well, here are your suspects, and their choice for weapons:

Walter PearceWalter Pearce is our victim.  He’s a conservative who has been newly elected into Parliament and has decided to visit the home of the wealth Edward and Sorel Bennett.  Walter is played by Rodney Handy, who has come back to ACCT after taking a break from acting for a few years.


AliceOur first suspect is Alice, who might, or might not, be Walter’s wife.  Alice brings a pistol to the Bennett’s home, so be prepared for the sound of gunshots during the performance.  (This is a prop gun, please do not be concerned.  It will be loud, though.)  Alice is being played by Lori Gresham.  This will be her 4th time on stage with ACCT.


Next, we have Edward Bennett, who HATES politicians and would rather have an Edward BennettAmerican in his home than someone from Parliament.  He writes plays for a living and spends a great deal of time arguing with his wife over her lack of talent and the fact that she invites men to visit their country home when she thinks he won’t be there.  Edward may have put something into the bottle of brandy.

Edward is played by Breck Reliford, who has joined us from Georgetown, KY.

Sorel BennettSorel Bennett longs for the great roles of the stage and isn’t shy about telling her husband that his talent for writing them is lacking.  She’s obsessed with extravagant hats and having men fawn all over her.  She is played by Angi Robinson, who has been with ACCT for nearly 25 years.

Sorel doesn’t know much about the practical things in life, like preparing food that doesn’t contain poisonous ingredients.

Sorel’s best friend is Victoria Van Roth, who is very bohemian and artsy.  Victoria Van RothShe dances, sculpts, and plays the drums in a jazz band.  She also has an issue with anger and has an unusual fondness for her scarf.

Victoria is played by Joann Powell, and this is her fifth production with ACCT.  She has also spent time backstage and at the refreshment tables.


Eric (1)Eric is a deluded socialist who wants to writes plays with Edward.  He also fantasizes about an actress who is much more famous than Sorel Bennett.  There is the matter of him being caught with the Bennetts’ cutlery in his pocket, though.

Eric is being portrayed by Kennedy Douglas.  Kennedy has been in productions with ACCT and the school system.

Jack is the Bennetts’ chauffeur.  He’s a young man who likes to play the field and keeps aJack lass in every port.  Jack has an ax to grind with Walter Bennett over something that happened years ago and may take the law into his own hands if given a chance.

Jack is being played by Michael Ritchey.  Michael is also directing this play.  He was also in Noises Off two summers ago, worked lighting and sound for A Tuna Christmas, and has been in plays for surrounding counties.

BridgitWho will solve the mystery of who murdered Walter Pearce?  Why, Bridgit the Maid, of course!  Bridget loves to read about murders and how the coppers catch their suspects. She is determined to solve this crime all on her own, with no help from law enforcement.

Bridgit is portrayed by Desire’e Douglas.  Desire’e has been involved with ACCT since 2009.

Buy your tickets to this show by clicking on the Buy Tickets link.  We open in two weeks!


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