Something magical starts to happen when people start learning their lines for a play. A shift happens, and you don’t even realize it until you feel the differences around you. All of a sudden, people aren’t looking at their scripts, but are directing their lines to the characters who are supposed to react. Inflections change and lines – even words and syllables – are said differently.

We also start appreciating more about each other than just what we bring to the stage. We share our lives and our secrets. We talk about our troubles and celebrations.

We laugh. A lot. Sometimes we cry. But not too much.

Get your tickets here!

We got our banners in this week. Tonight we discovered that the Lori/Truvy on the banner is almost life-size to the real Lori!

I said earlier tonight that this play was a dream come true. In the simplest of ways, it’s about replicating one of my favorite movies. But in reality, these lovely ladies bring so much joy to my world. And we are so glad that Graci gets to join us at practices next week!

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