We Open in Two Weeks!

This is the best time in bringing a play to the stage.  We’re all finishing up our costume choices, determining the final set, gathering props and generally getting comfortable with being on stage without our scripts!

Meet our cast:


Rodney Handy is directing this production and will continue his stretch of being the “Designated Die-er.”  If you saw him die this summer in Death by Design, you’ll want to see him die in Dearly Departed.

Rodney portrays Bud Turpin, the patriarch of the Turpin family.



Lori Gresham, as Raynelle Turpin, plays the not-so-grieving widow of Bud.  She loves her children and helps us see that we need to cherish what we have while we have it.



Michael2Michael Ritchey is stepping onstage again with a Texas accent instead of an Irish one!  His character, Ray Bud is the oldest son of Bud and Raynelle and feels the pressure of a completely dysfunctional family.



AngiAngi Robinson plays the charmingly-southern Lucille, the gentle wife of Ray Bud.  She nurtures the entire family, all while enduring the pain of her own struggles.




Junior has big dreams but not a lot of common sense.  He’s married and has a pack of children, yet all he wants to do is make it big in the parking lot business.  He is portrayed by Kennedy Douglas.



Graci2Graci Boggs is back on the ACCT Stage after last year’s Peter Pan as Junior’s wife Suzanne.  All she wanted in life was to be a good wife and mother, but she’s about had it with her husband’s wandering ways and lack of business sense.


JoannDelightful is the surprise child of Bud and Raynelle.  She doesn’t say much, but she definitely has opinions that she expresses through her love of t-shirts.  She also likes to eat.  A lot.  Joann Powell is Delightful and Nadine.


Desiree2Desire’e Douglas provides comic relief and “spiritual guidance” as Aunt Marguerite.  She has an opinion on everything, but the truth is, she’s old enough and wise enough to not care about what people think.



KyleAunt Marguerite’s son, Royce, has about had it with his mama, but his lack of funds and inability to say no keeps them close.  Royce is played by Kyle Stratton, who was one of the amazing actors in last years A Tuna Christmas.


EarlEarl Gresham is joining our stage for the first time as an actor!  While he’s done lighting, sound, and security in the past, he’s finally going to be seen with the rest of us!  Earl is portraying Clyde, Norval, and Reverend Hooker.


KeriaAlso joining us on stage in her first speaking part is Keria Kays.  She was in Dracula three years ago, but this time is taking on two characters: Veda and Juanita.


We open on November 9th at Saffell House Funeral Home.  You can purchase your tickets by clicking on the Buy Tickets link above.  Please come out to see this hilarious show and support your local theatre!




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