Death By Design

Anderson County Community Theatre is proud to present Death by Design, by Rob Urbinati, starting June 1st.  This production is a comedy/murder mystery and will be held in the Historic Ripy Mansion in Downtown Lawrenceburg.  This is a play that you don’t want to miss, especially if you love old architecture, history, and haunted homes.


The Ripy Mansion has become a popular location for ghost-hunting and is featured on several Ghost Walk tours.  Is it haunted?  Perhaps.  The Ghost Hunt Weekends website says this:

“Could the hauntings be related to the now vacant Funeral Home that sits across the street? Or could it be from the current funeral home that sits next door? Could it stem from the Prohibition Days where false walls and hidden rooms in the basement held barrels of bootleg bourbon?

Reports of unexplained sounds, voices and moving objects have increased since renovation has begun on the home.”

Two of our cast members have been touched by unseen hands, and another person close to our cast reported hearing a voice while there during practice tonight.

Subscribe to this blog for updates on how the show is coming along, cast member bios, and to buy tickets starting on May 1st.



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