Choreographed Chaos

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Twenty characters played by two local actors? Imagine the chaos as Lewis Wright and Kyle Stratton stretch their acting abilities to the limits as they make the people of Tuna, Texas come alive during the Christmas season. A Tuna Christmas is a broad comedy set in the fictional town of Tuna, Texas. The plot centers on the town’s annual Christmas Yard Display Contest, won 14 times in a row by Vera Carp. A mysterious “Christmas Phantom,” known for vandalizing the yard displays, has the contestants on edge.
Lewis BWLewis Wright began acting with Anderson County Community Theatre two years ago as the Monster in Dracula. Since then, he’s kept the stage hot with performances in Noises Off, Peter Pan, Of Mice and Men, Dark of the Moon, and I Come From. He’s also begun film work, and will be in a production of Redemption of the Incredible Hulk in 2018. Lewis loves creating characters and their “look” by playing with prosthetics and costumes.

Kyle BW

Kyle Stratton is a master of voices and accents, as you’ll see in this production. He is a graduate of Anderson County High School, and has been involved with drama since then. He did a number of performances and talent shows while he attended Kentucky State University before joining the ACCT Stage. He has shared the stage with Lewis in Dracula, Noises Off, and Peter Pan.

This production is directed by Angi Robinson, and she will have a crew of many. The costume changes alone demand a very experienced team of Backstage Angels, who will include Desire’e Douglas, Beth Ann Ritchie, Madison Norris and Lori Gresham.
Please come out to Anderson County High School’s Bearcat Theater to see this hilarious production of A Tuna Christmas. Shows begin at 8:00pm on December 1, 2, 8 & 9, and at 2:00pm on December 3 and 10. Tickets are $10 at the door.
Donations to support Anderson County Community Theatre are welcomed and appreciated.

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